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Our zero cost solar clients save an average of 30% or more on their energy bill. Let us help you save today.

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The many benefits of going solar

Save money on your energy bill

Going solar saves you money fast.

Increase the value of your home

Solar is a great way to boost the value of your home.

Freedom from utility companies

Break away from frequent utility price hikes.

Better for the environment

Reduce carbon footprint from dirty power sources.

Your Partner In A Bright Future

Elite Solar Partners was founded on the beliefs that by incorporating money saving, green, clean and renewable energy wherever possible, that each one of us will have the opportunity to maximize their savings, protect our planet and solidify our future.

Our focus is residential, commercial and agricultural solar and renewable energy solutions.

Elite Solar Partners – Your partner in a bright future!

We partner with the top brands in solar

We leverage our relationship with the top solar companies to find the best setup and technology for your needs and around any budget. Let us do the hard work for you using our expertise so you can start saving money fast.

Here are some of the top brands we work with: Tesla, Sunrun, Sunnova, Vivint.Solar, and many more.

Installed in as little as 30-days

Industry best 25-year warranty

Start saving in one billing cycle

Zero cost solar plans available

Solar Videos

Here’s some informative videos on solar energy 

How Does Solar Work 5:29

Illustrated video that explains how solar technology works.

Net Metering 3:20

Here’s a great video on what net metering is.

Net Metering 2.0 6:45

Here’s a great video explaining what net metering 2.0 is and how it will help you.

Cleaning Your Panels 5:29

Proper care and maintenance is a breeze, just watch this video.

Battery Backup 3:20

Here’s a great video on battery backup.

Claiming Tax Credit 6:45

Must watch video on how to claim your solar tax credit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there upfront costs?

There are no upfront costs.

Why does this seem too good to be true?

The way we make money is the same way the utility company does, by selling electricity right here where you use it. Rather than shipping it a long way at a higher cost, this way we can sell it to you for less.

What if we move?

If you sell the house, whoever buys the house just switches the electricity bill into their name just like you did when you moved in. It’s a great selling point too because the new buyers will benefit from the lower energy costs and environmental friendliness.

Why do I have to sign a contract?

Solar panels don’t last forever but they can produce lots of clean energy for many years after our 25 year guarantee. The contract is how we provide you with our guarantees. We maintain the system for 25 years and if anything breaks during that period we fix it at no cost to you. We put a monitoring system with the panels so if it isn’t producing right, we’ll contact you and come fix it at no cost.

What if I'm not sure I like the look of solar?

Solar has changed a lot. We can now move the panels around to different parts of the roof. The old panels were 3 different colors. Navy, with white lines and aluminum framing. Today we use the triple black low profile panels. Looks like a flat screen tv. Panels are also so common today like power lines we just get so use to them we don’t really notice them after awhile.

Is my roof too old?

We are picky about our roofs because when you go solar it’s a valuable asset. If there are any structural or quality issues we want to have those addressed prior to installation so it’s done right the first time. This why we extend 25 year warranties on panel workmanship, power production and maintenance.

Why is there a 2.9% escalator?

Your current utility is kind of one of those things that goes up faster than everything else. They tend to go up 6 to 8 percent per year. With this we knock it down to the low rate and its caped so it can’t go up more than 2.9% so you save more versus your “current utility.” So it’s not like Direct TV or Dish Network where it’s low for a couple of years then all of a sudden it doubles.

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